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Fixed Window

The basic function of a window is to allow daylight in acceptable and consistent quantities, while maintaining the ambient temperature inside the house – this is your overall comfort level. Fixed windows can maximize your favourite views and bring vast amounts of light into your home.

Fixed Windows are an effective, inexpensive way of allowing natural light into those dull areas of the home, like the ends of hallways or stairwell landings.

Added or coupled to your operable windows and doors, fixed windows will noticeably brighten up living areas and increase your vision area. Fixed windows can also create a stunning picture window that looks out over your favourite garden or view.

In this type of uPVC Window the window is fixed & it cannot be opened. It is used at places where there is requirement of light. We can use glass from 4 mm to 30 mm in thickness.

These windows are duly reinforced with thick specially designed Steel for greater strength & Safety of the uPVC window.

These windows are designed in such a way that they are airtight & water tight. Therefore ensuring that no water comes inside when the windows are closed in case water comes inside when the window is open a provision for water drainage is given such that the water is drained out.