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Reinforcements are strips of GI bended in different forms like U, C etc. The reinforcements are inserted in the chambers of uPVC profiles to give strength to the windows.

The reinforcements are different for each profile . These reinforcements are inserted completely in the Outer frame as well as the Movable / Open able Sash therefore gives the window strength.

The reinforcement used start from 1.2 mm thickness up to 3.5 mm thickness. This all depends on the size of the window and the floor it is being used. As the wind pressure increase at each floor. The same is kept in mind while choosing the thickness of the reinforcements.

Reinforcements make the Plasowin windows & Doors very stable and therefore can take wind loadsup to 2600 Pascal’s.

The reinforcements are screwed to the profile by using Self Tapping Screws and ensure the sturdiness of the windows