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Steps In Window

The following steps in window are required in making a good window

  • Formulation:  This is the most critical aspect for u – PVC Doors & Windows to ensure that it remains dimensionally & appearance wise the same 10 years later as it is today. The right recipe or formulation has been designed by us to suit the weather in Indian subcontinent from Extreme Heat to extreme Cold along with High UV rays. Our formulation ensure that the windows do not change color due to the same
  • Extrusion: The formulated raw material here passes through the extrusion machines to takes the shape of a u-PVC Profile. We have various checks at this stage to ensure that the u-PVC Profile is as per norms it goes through various check at this stage.
  • Measurement: Our engineers go the site & take the exact dimensions of the windows to be installed.
  • Fabrication:  After taking the measurements of the site the PVC profiles are fabricated & converted to uPVC Windows & doors by fusion welding as per the requirement of the customer
  • Installation: The finished window has to be duly installed at the customer site to ensure that there are no air leaks or gaps in the surface & the window.