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Mosquito Nets – UPVC Mosquito Windows and Doors Manufacturers

Sliding Windows / Doors: The sliding windows can be fitted with a Mosquito Net by using either of the following Outer Frames

  • 2+1 Sliding Frame (8852)– The outer frame used is 88 mm in width. The sash of the Mosquito net is 21 mm in width and is useful in smaller windows. This system can only use Fiber Mesh Mosquito Net
  • Three Track Frame (11252 )– The outer Frame used is 112 in width and use all three Sash of equal width therefore making the mosquito net very smooth in functioning. This system can use the following Mosquito nets made of Stainless Steel, Fiber Mesh, Aluminum
  • Open able Windows:The mosquito Net that can be used in this system is a Pull down Mosquito Net. In this system a Powder Coated Frame of Aluminum is attached on the Open able Sash. The mosquito net can be pulled down and locks at the bottom and seals all the gap ensuring no mosquito enter the room