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Door / Window Components

The following things are used in making a good UPVC Door & window

  1. uPVC window Profile – uPVC windows profiles being used by us are Made for INDIAN Climate with extreme Heat & High UV factor.
  1. Hardware: Hardware’s play a vital role in the smooth functioning of the windows & doors. Therefore using Good quality hardware plays a vital role in a GOOD WINDOW. All the hardware’s used by us are designed to ensure a smooth and trouble free window for many years
  1. Reinforcements: These are used to strengthen the windows and ensures that the windows are safe even at high Wind load pressures. The reinforcements used by us are deigned as per the window profiles such that it is tight fit as per the uPVC profile
  1. EPDM Gaskets: These are gaskets made of EthylenePropylene Diene Monomer rubber to ensure that the windows are AIR & Water Tight.  We use a very high Quality EPDM to ensure that even after many years the EPDM rubber does not get damaged and retains it original shape. We use Microwave Cured EPDM.
  1. Glass: There are various glasses available. All different glasses can be chosen to achieve the following Heat Reduction, Sound Reduction & Safety. Our windows can cater glasses from 4mm thickness till 30 mm in thickness.