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Glass Cleaning : Glass used in most double-glazed units is easily scratched and it is,therefore, recommended that hand jewellery is removed prior to cleaning. Any proprietary household cleaner may be used with a soft cloth and it is recommended that heavy external grime be initially removed with a solution of soap and water.

Laminated glass, or glass containing Georgian bars, is cleaned in exactly the same manner.

Scratched Glass If scratches occur, most can be removed with jewellers’ rouge, or an equivalent rubbing compound.

PVC-U Frame Cleaning (Avoid all solvent-based or abrasive cleaners). Wash frames with a soap and water solution periodically to remove any grime and atmospheric

Deposits. Take care not to disturb sealants.


Your double-glazed products are designedwith an in-built drainage system, comprisingslots within the thresholds that allow anywater ingress to flow to the outside. Toensure an efficient system these slots mustremain unblocked.Periodically, remove dirt, clear the drainslots (situated in the frame rebates) andcheck drainage operation by flushingthrough with water.

Weather seals

During cleaning and generalmaintenance ensure thatany hand-insertedweather seals fitted to your products do notbecome dislodged fromtheir grooves. Should thisoccur, slide back intoposition immediately toavoid damage when theproduct is closed.If the weather seals arebroken or damaged anddraughts are felt around the product, kindly get the same replaced.