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Sound Proofing

Plasowin uPVC Doors & Windows brings tranquility and cut unnecessary disturbance especially favored & widely used in Hospitals, Schools and office buildings.

Moreover, after a day of hard work, you deserve to go home with best protection from exterior noise.

Plasowin uPVC Doors & Windows are able to achieve reduction of noise due to the following features about their doors & windows

  • Plasowin uPVC Doors & windows are overlapping systems with EPDM and wool pile being put in all places which ensure that the windows are Air Tight hence reducing Noise coming from outside. Most of the other windows available are not overlapping systems so there gaps always between the Frame & the sash hence allowing noise to come inside from outside.
  • Plasowin uPVC Doors & windows do not expand and contract due to which the they do not have to be repaired in which the size are altered due to which there are gaps being created between the Frame & sash and allowing noise to come from outside
  • Plasowin uPVC Doors & windows can be fitted with Triple Glass Unit or Double glass Unit upto 30 mm therefore reducing noise upto 40 decibels
  • Plasowin uPVC Doors & windows are factory made doors & windows and all the joints are fusion welded therefore there are no gaps at the corner as all the fusion welds are done on machine ensuring there are no gaps on the corner

Below is a reference chart which gives an idea of the Noise level for various things. By using Plasowin uPVC Doors & windows you can reduce the Noise levels by 40 decibels.

noise chart