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Out ward Opening Window

In this window you can open the window outside which is achieved by their unique 90° opening ability, which partially centers the sash, capturing the breeze from any direction. The windows open to outside to the top, bottom, left & right, side.

These windows are duly reinforced with thick specially designed Steel for greater strength & Safety of the uPVC window.

These windows are designed in such a way that they are airtight & water tight. Therefore ensuring that no water comes inside when the windows are closed in case water comes inside when the window is open a provision for water drainage is given such that the water is drained out.

    • Simple and classy design
    • They are easy to clean
    • More Ventilation and Light
    • Comes with double / triple glazing options that keep home warmer
    • When closed, these windows block external sounds and disturbances
    • The windows are highly durable and long-lasting
    • Easy to maintain.
    • Can use glass from 4 mm to 31 mm, Various options of Single, Safety Glass, Double Glass Unit (DGU) and others can be used

A Pull down Mosquito Net can be used on these windows.