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Energy Efficient

No matter what climate our Plasowin uPVC Doors & windows are installed – they contribute to a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in your home. In a contemporary air-conditioned building, windows with a low thermal conductive material can reduce the loss of energy according to the fact that 37% of interior energy loss is through the window.

There are 2 things which increase the load of air-conditioning in the room, one is heat and the other is air.  Plasowin uPVC Doors & windows ensure that both air from outside and heat from outside do not permeate inside. The various factors of Plasowin uPVC Doors & windows help saving energy

  • uPVC windows are made of uPVC profiles which is a thermal insulating material. A thermal insulating material does not allow outside heat to go inside and the inside cold to go out and, vice versa. The better the thermal insulation property of a material the more energy it saves as the hot air from outside does not come inside and therefore the requirement of energy to cool the room is less.
  • uPVC profiles are multi-chamber which means that the outside air has to travel through various mediums before it enters the room. In uPVC profiles the outside air has to travel from outside and crosses the following barriers:

uPVC – Vacuum – uPVC – Vacuum – uPVC

Vacuum is the worst insulator of heat and uPVC. So, when air travels through different mediums and reaches             the room it drops the temperature.

  • Plasowin uPVC Doors & windows are made air tight by using EPDM gaskets and weather strips on all sides of the window.  By doing so these windows do not allow outside air to come inside and vice-versa.
  • Plasowin uPVC Doors & windows can be fitted with Triple Glass Unit or Double glass Unit upto 30 mm therefore reducing noise upto 40 decibels
  • Plasowin uPVC Doors & windows are factory made doors & windows and all the joints are fusion welded therefore there are no gaps at the corner as all the fusion welds are done on machine ensuring there are no gaps on the corner ensuring air from outside does not come inside from the joints