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Dust Proof

Plasowin uPVC doors & windows make the house Dust Free. Our windows ensure dust does not enters the house and hence require less cleaning of the house and furniture.  Apart from the above it also does not allow germs to come inside the house hence improving the quality of Life.

  • Plasowin uPVC Window Systems are an Over lapping Window System which means that there is an Overlap of the Outer Frame and the Open able / Movable Sash. Traditionally the Open able / Movable Sash Overlap the Outer frame by 8 – 9 mm. The overlapping systems Ensures that there are no gap between the Open able / Movable Sash & the Frame hence ensuring the air tightness of the doors & windows which ensure no dust comes inside from outside
  • All the doors & windows use High Quality EPDM in both the Frame, Sash & the Glass Beadings all around the windows which again ensure that there is no gap between the glass and the Frame / Sash which again ensures that the windows are Air tight and does not allow any Dust to permeate from outside to the inside.
  • Weather Strips of High quality are used in uPVC windows to ensure that all sliding windows are air tight and do not allow any dust to enter from outside
  • The hardware’s used in uPVC doors & windows like Multi Point Locking Systems ensure that the windows / doors are sealed properly when locked. The multi-Point Locking Systems locks the doors / windows in 4 -5 places when the handle is locked ensuring that the doors/ windows are locked from top to bottom and ensuring a tight and uniform locking of the windows ensuring no Dust comes from outside to inside.
  • All uPVC doors & windows gaps are filled between the windows and the walls are filled with Silicon to ensure that there is no dust entering the room through the gaps between the windows and the walls.